National Language Support (NLS)

Cross the borders with Multilanguage Support Software on System i Platforms.

Oasis Software International's Software development team has created the ideal cost effective software (National Language Support) that quickly and easily makes your applications Multinational without forcing you to rewrite your existing programs or displays.

How Does It Work?

First, (NLS) searches through your existing programs, display files, and print files for any constants. It then externalizes those constants into language libraries, separating them from your source code. The constants can then be adopted to accommodate any number of different languages you desire.

As you convert the text, NLS builds a reference for future use so it gets easier the more you use it.

Simple to use

Despite its high functionality, (NSL) is extremely simple to use. There are no new programming concepts or techniques to learn, or teach your users.

NLS's easy to use formate even allows for non-programmers to assist in text conversions.


Just one example of how NLS converts English to Spanish.

Based on your end user library list, you will be able to have multiple language versions of the same software running on one AS/400, yet still only have one set of source code to maintain.

Having NLS do this for you almost completely automatically will save countless programming hours and programming budget dollars to match!

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AS/400 Processor Group List Price
P05 $5,000
P10 $7,500
P20 $10,000
P30 $14,400
P40 $21,600
P50 $28,800
Yearly maintenance fee:
18% of list price

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