File Access F.A.Q.

At times some users have problems installing and using File Access. If a problem should arise you can be assured that Oasis Software's technical staff will assist you in resolving any issues that may be encountered.

Listed below are a few frequently asked questions about File Access.

If you have other questions please send us an e-Mail and we will resolve your issue.

Q. Does File Access work on version 4.5, & 5.1 of the operating system?

A. V5R3 and above.

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Q. Why do I get a message my trial has expired?

A. Did you run the command FILEACCESS/INZFA? Either you have had File Access installed for 30 days, or had it installed in the past or changed the system date and/or time since you installed it. On occasion after installing the trial you get a message your trial has expired even after you have run the command FILEACCESS/INZFA. If you still get the message trial expired, contact Oasis Software for a temporary key. We will need the information displayed by entering the command FILEACCESS/EXTFA; this will include a date, time and File Access serial number. Send the information by email to

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Q. Can I keep a user from having access to certain functions within File Access?

A. To restrict users, use the command WRKFAPRF to set up individual or group profiles. To restrict a function, activate the action bar (F10), select the drop down menu and remove the "X" by the function you want to restrict (also remove the X for that drop down menu).

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Q. How do you get a "ruler" to display above your records?

A. You need to be in multiple record mode and record mode (not field mode). Either use the action bar to open the Format options or F15. Select multiple mode and record mode and press enter.

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Q. Why can't I update a join file?

A. File Access only allows viewing of Join files (a restriction or limitation of IBM, not File Access)

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Q. How do I do a mass delete?

A. To select and verify the records to be deleted, create a subset (but it is not necessary). After the subset has been created and you know those are the records you want to delete, go back to the 'find and change' screen and with the same selection criteria in the top portion enter *delete as the replacement field. Then press F17 (Change). Please note you must be in Delete mode and have the authority (WRKFAPRF) to mass delete. (Hint: back up the file before doing a global change or delete if it is a production file. The other option is to use the File Access audit log feature but that will slow the process down a bit if it is a large file and you are changing or deleting a large number of records).

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Q. We need to use File Access for our disaster recover test. What do we do?

A. To use File Access on a disaster recover test box, after installing the library (FileAccess) run the command INZFA. If the software has not been installed on the system before, this will activate it for 30 days. If the trial is needed for a longer period of time, please contact Oasis Software.

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