File Access (New Version 10.0)


  • Easily add, change, display or delete records in any data base file
  • Extensive security to limit file and library access
  • Optional journaling of all file modifications
  • Supports DBCS files
  • Supports null fields
  • Multiple files can be joined together and displayed, changed, ordered, searched, etc. at the same time
  • Support for SQL views and aliases
  • Export the results of file select, join and order commands to files, printers or user defined programs
  • Save export macros and run them interactively or in batch
  • Support for data areas, user spaces, data queues, stream files and message files.
  • Display file information including data base relations, members, formats, triggers, journals, etc.
  • Flexible display options
  • Search, retrieve and restore deleted records
  • Easily display journals with the CPYFRMJRN command built into File Access
  • Use SQL functions on stream files
  • Use SQL functions over virtual fields

What's new in File Access 10.0?

Stream files are now supported with SQL options for SELECT, ORDER and JOIN.

You can now use the SQL functions SELECT, ORDER and JOIN on stream files. The new file option *STMF allows you to enter a stream file.

You can select a file from an IFS folder, create virtual fields and use SQL functions on those virtual fields.

You can use the EXPORT function to create a new file or call a user program.

SQL alias support.

SQL alias types are now supported.

SQL functions available on virtual fields.

You can now use the SQL functions SELECT, ORDER, UPDATE and JOIN on a virtual field. When you create a new virtual field, you can use that new field name on any SQL function. You can also export the results of the functions to a file or user program.

SQL select substring and case support

When selecting fields from the SQL select prompt, you can now press F11 and enter the case and substring options. The SQL select string will now build the substring and case statements.

Create, change and delete virtual fields.

From the field formatting screen you can now enter a '1' to create a virtual field, a '2' to change a virtual field. Enter '4' to delete any virtual field.

File Access can now be called recursively.

Multiple instances of File Access can now be called. STRFA (file).

Press F21. STRFA (newfile).

Multiple found fields prompt in new window.

From the SELECT, ORDER, UPD and JOIN prompt screens, pressing F14 to find a field. When multiple matches are found, a window of matches is displayed.

Export function to file now includes column headings and file description.

When using the EXPORT control, you can now specify the file description. This file will also include column headings.

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P05 $1,495.00
P10 $1,795.00
P20 $2,095.00
P30 $2,395.00
P40 $2,695.00
P50 $2,995.00
Yearly maintenance fee: 15% of list price.

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